Door County Sailing in Fish Creek on the Schooner

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Sailing Routes from Fish Creek

Enjoy a Sail in Door County on the Schooner FRIENDLYThe great thing about Fish Creek Harbor is that it affords many sailing options depending on the wind direction and speed.

  • A southerly course will take us along the famous Cottage Row shoreline and toward Hat Island.
  • A westerly course and we'll head for the sandy shores of Chambers Island
  • Northwest and we can explore the Strawberry Island chain
  • North puts us along the shoreline of beautiful Peninsula State Park, sailing under Sven's Bluff on our way to Eagle Lighthouse and Horseshoe Island

Sailing Routes when leaving from Sturgeon Bay

  • Leave from "A" Dock near Quarterdeck Marina
  • Through the Oregon-Maple Street Bridge and the historic Michigan Street Steel Bridge
  • Past Bayship Building, where there are often large vessels docked for maintenance
  • Potowatami State Park, Sherwood Point Lighthouse and the Quarry
  • Dock to Dock the total cruise time in Sturgeon Bay is two to three hours

There's always a great route to take depending on how the wind blows!

What to Bring when you go Sailing in Door County

  • Kids love sailing in Door County on the Schooner FRIENDLYCamera
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Jacket or Sweater (it's sometimes cooler on the water)
  • Your favorite bottle of wine, beer or soft drinks
  • Munchies